Why WordPress?

Photo by Adriano Gasparri

Websites can be written so they are everything from a static unchanging document to things that change with data from a complex database.

Most small businesses don’t need something complex; they just need to be able to get the information out there.

At the same time, most small businesses do not have IT staff, so that website has to be something easy to update.

I’ll let you in on a secret: you can create a website with nothing more than Notepad on your computer. The catch? You have to be skilled in the programming of the web, as well as be a graphic designer to make it look nice.

Luckily for all of us, there are shortcuts.

One of those shortcuts is WordPress.

Originally built as a blogging platform, it not only makes the look of the site pretty, but it builds in easy-to-use editing tools to make it possible for anyone to update and maintain a website.

You don’t have to blog to use WordPress – WordPress provides “pages” where you can edit the content and publish it. Changes go quickly, and update immediately on the website.

In addition, you can quickly add things like links to sales flyers, links to videos, or even samples of sound!

WordPress also allows customization. We start with the basic site; we add a theme, which controls how the site looks; then we add plugins to make it easier to maintain. Themes allow you to change your site without massive reprogramming. Plugins create functionality so that you don’t have to program it, and can give you things like automatically deleting spam email, controlling spam email, adding Facebook like buttons, and adding a way to pin any image on your site to Pinterest.

WordPress is a great platform to build a site on, even if you are not a blogger!

Want to get started on WordPress? I offer everything from installation to theme customization to plugin installation.

Photo by Adriano Gasparri. Licensed under Creative Commons.