Why Every Business Needs A Website

Photo by Editor B

Gone is the age of the Yellow Pages. When people need information these days, they head to the web. The web has become the first stop for information.

So if your customers are looking on the web, are they going to find you?

If you haven’t tried it already, head on over to your favorite search engine, and type in your business name and your city.

What comes up?

This is what your customers are seeing when they look for you.

Now try the search again, putting in your type of business and your city. Does your business show up?

And if they your name isn’t in that listing, how many customers are you losing?

Every business in this day and age needs a web site. It needs to have, at a minimum, your address, phone number, email address and store hours.

Don’t rely on someone else to put that information on the web for you. Web directories are fine, but their interest is not in attracting customers to you. Their interest is in making money from you.

Take control of the first impression your customers have of your business and get a website of your own.

Don’t know where to start? I offer a full line of services to get you and your business on the web. I will help you get domain name, find appropriate hosting, and set up a nice-looking website.

Photo by Editor B. Licensed under Creative Commons.