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Hiatus – Updated!

Update 05/10/2018: Yes, I am coming back. As part of that I am consolidating both and into one spot – Stay tuned!
Dear Readers,

I’ve been blogging for a really long time – since 2005. In that time I have pivoted the blog from Palm PDA applications to simple productivity to whole life productivity. But 13 years is a long time in a field that is becoming saturated, and the work needed to capture attention grows daily.

Last week I had a sudden thought: what would happen if I stopped blogging? And I was met with such a sense of relief at this thought that I knew it was time to take a hiatus.

So I am stepping away from blogging for 3 months. At that point I will consider whether to come back, pivot, or stop entirely.

At this point, this is part of a grand experiment in me living an intentional life. I am deliberately considering my goals and plans, based on a clean slate, rather than obligations I have to keep up.

Why am I doing this? Well, as my accountability partner said, it comes down to return on investment and joy.

Right now, the joy is lacking and the blog has become a millstone. I still work outside the home, and most of my free time is sucked up by trying to meet a production schedule, learn about new trends, do social media and generate income. There is little joy in writing focused articles anymore. I find myself more and more wondering what else I can possibly have to say.

As far as ROI, although 2017 the first year I have brought in enough income to cover my expenses, there is no return elsewhere. There are no comments on the posts, little sharing, very little email to me. It’s like talking into a dark void, wondering if I am ever being heard.

So what can you expect in the next three months?

  • There will be no articles published on the blog
  • There will be no monthly newsletter with exclusive articles
  • Facebook and Twitter will continue to post archived articles.
  • My live engagement in Pinterest will continue, but I will post personal interest items only. I will no longer approach Pinterest with the mindset of things that would be useful to others. If you want to catch these, follow me at Pinterest
  • My live Twitter engagement will continue. If you want to follow these, follow me at Twitter
  • I hate Facebook. Other than the archive stuff, which is done without my going near Facebook, I won’t be posting anything there.
  • My Patreon activity will continue. This means they will get two new articles a month, plus the livestream for $5 or higher supporters. Want to support me on Patreon? Click here to support me at Patreon
  • Monthly conference calls for those who have taken my 12 Week Planning Course will continue. Emails to my students will go out on those before they happen
  • I will answer email directed to the blog addresses only once a week.
  • Those signed up for the mini-missions will continue to get those emails on weekdays.

So what can you do?

  • If you want to see what I am interested in at the moment, follow me on Pinterest.
  • If you want to see my tweets, follow me on Twitter
  • If you want articles twice a month, support me at Patreon. A pledge of $1 a month is all it takes to get these articles.
  • If you want to send me your thoughts on this hiatus directly, you can use the Google Form here:

I hope that your next three months (and beyond) are pleasant, productive and joyous.


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