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    Name Your Tasks Properly

    Have you ever been going over your task list and come to a screeching halt? Did you stumble over the task because your brain didn't know what to do with it? Properly naming tasks is one way to keep that from happening. I am not very good at naming tasks. Even after years of doing Getting Things Done and absorbing productivity information, all which emphasize to keep tasks do-able. So here is how - and why - you need to properly name tasks.

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    Limiting Tasks to Get More Done

    To get more done, you need to do more things. That's self-evident. But what if I told you the secret to getting more done was limiting your tasks? I am one of those people, who, when faced with a huge list of things to do, will shut down and do none of it. It's not uncommon. Most people, faced with a pile of work where they don't know where to begin, will not being at all. So how do you get past that? Read on.

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    Managing Personal Tasks

    Few people would say that work and life are the same. Yet we try to apply work task management techniques to the rest of our lives, and are frustrated when it doesn't work. I have very little problem staying on task at work. I have multiple priorities and multiple projects, and yet I consistently meet my deadlines. I began to wonder why I had problems at home, and so I started to read books on task management and to-do lists, hoping to find the answer. Instead, I had an epiphany. I figured out how to manage my personal tasks in a way that takes into account their differences.