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    Hiatus – Updated!

    Update 05/10/2018: Yes, I am coming back. As part of that I am consolidating both WholeLifeProductivity.com and SimpleProductivityBlog.com into one spot - LauraEarnest.com. Stay tuned! Dear Readers, I've been blogging for a really long time - since 2005. In that time I have pivoted the blog from Palm PDA applications to simple productivity to whole life productivity. But 13 years is a long time in a field that is becoming saturated, and the work needed to capture attention grows daily. Last week I had a sudden thought: what would happen if I stopped blogging? And I was met with such a sense of relief at this thought that I knew it was time to take a hiatus. So I am stepping away from blogging for 3 months. At that point I will consider whether to come back, pivot, or stop entirely.

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    Survey Winner

    Thanks to all who participated in the 2017 Blog Survey. I picked a number using Random.org, and Rachel V. is the winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card. Congratulations! (I’ve contacted Rachel through email.)

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    Reboot Update

    A couple of weeks ago I announced I was going to do a life reboot and took a bit of time off from the blog. The reboot was necessitated by the sense of overwhelm I couldn't dodge in my life - coming at me from multiple directions. I'll talk more about what the reboot entailed, but today I wanted to let you know what I have decided to do with the blog.

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    Well, this is embarrassing…

    This is a pretty spectacular illustration that I don’t always have it together. I have overextended myself…I knew I was doing it, but told myself that if I just worked a little bit harder, I could still keep everything moving along, and no one would know the difference. Right. (<- read this with sarcasm) The truth is that things have been slipping. I’ve missed three Girl Scout leadership meetings because of scheduling conflicts and actually sent my husband to one to represent me (his verdict: he didn’t think anyone could have more disorganized meetings than the government, but now he knows better) I have a pile of special-care laundry waiting for me…and it would be even more of a disaster if my husband wasn’t in charge of the regular laundry! The dust is so thick in my house that you can see the cat paw prints in…