• 5 Tricks to Get Past Distractions

    5 Tricks to Get Past Distractions

    Distractions are everywhere. They can be everything from traffic noises to the scratch of a tag somewhere in your clothes. Yet if you don't have methods to get past distractions, you will have little chance of success in focusing. Focusing can be hard for me. It is especially hard when I am tired, when Iam full of energy, at home, at work, trying to do to much, when I'm bored...I guess just about any time. Without the focus, though, I can't get anything done, and so I have a set of 5 tricks to get past distractions.

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    Distracted By Things In Front of You? Here’s How To Get Past It

    It's amazing. So many people don't take in the state of their immediate environment until it comes time to buckle down and do something. I never see the piles of paper on my desk waiting to be processed until I need to design something. I never see the emails waiting to be filed until I need to send a difficult email. I never see the partially empty coffee cups until I need to plan out my month's blogging schedule. I never see the state of my baseboards until it is time to empty the dishwasher and cook dinner. I never see the broken pencils and dead pens until it is time to write the novel. It's all about the things that I see that distract me from the difficult or undesirable work ahead.

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    4 Steps to Cut Back Your Overwhelming Schedule

    Have you ever looked at your schedule and just wanted to hide? Today I will give you the 4 step process I used to cut back on an overwhelming schedule. It all started with an unrealistic expectation - that I would be able to do the same activities at the same level of participation as I could 15 years ago. Not withstanding that my commitments and circumstances were completely different. As a result of this expectation, I kept piling things onto my schedule, until it just about buried me. So here is exactly how I got it down to manageable levels.